Dairy Effluent Worries?

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Introducing Cleartech

ClearTech from Ravensdown is an emerging technology that has the
potential to transform the management of farm dairy effluent.

Developed in conjunction with our research partners Lincoln University, ClearTech® is an effluent treatment system that recycles water, and increases effluent storage capability. It also reduces the environmental and safety risks associated with farm dairy effluent.

Washing down the yard to clean it of effluent makes about 25%* of a dairy farm’s fresh water use in a year. But what if this water could be treated and reused instead, without fear of contamination, risk to your reputation or the environment? The difference would amount to a potential total reduction in fresh water use on dairy farms of up to 42 billion litres per year (17,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools).

The Benefits Are Clear


Increases effluent pond storage capability


Reduces dairy yard fresh water use by up to two-thirds


Kills up to 99.9% of micro-organisms like E.coli

Farm Dairy Effluent is 99% water. If the particles can be separated, this means cleaner water to wash down the dairy yard and less volume of effluent that has to be stored and used safely.

ClearTech is a fully integrated system comprising computer processors, controllers, tanks, pumps and pipes. It will sit between the dairy yard and the effluent pond. It uses coagulants to bind effluent particles together and separate them from water.

The recycled water can then be reused for washing the yard and the remaining treated effluent is stored in the effluent pond until it can be applied to the land.


Billion litres of fresh water saved each year


Percent of micro-organisms killed


Olympic sized swimming pools of water saved each year


Ravensdown is proud to bring this emerging technology to market. We have worked with our partners on the applied science which drives the system.


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Technology set to reduce effluent volumes

Nutrient efficiency is vital to Ravensdown as an important component...

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For a demo of the system based at the Lincoln University Demonstration Farm, please call 0800 100 123